Increase your income and mitigate risks by joining Crypto Syndicate

Crypto Syndicate checked a lot of projects around the world
and evaluated the most reliable and profitable Projects which
will become a new business leaders in their markets.

You do not need to worry about
your investments anymore

Project Evaluation Program

Crypto Syndicate selected for you the most reliable and profitable projects available

Due Diligence

Each Trusted Project was fully studied by Crypto Syndicate top specialists in management, marketing, finance, technical analysis and blockchain technology.

Investment Insurance Program

Crypto Syndicate allows You to secure Your investments and drastically reduce risks.

Why investments conditions for Crypto Syndicate members are the best available on market?


ESCROW Program

Investor is not transferring funds directly to Project. Crypto Syndicate keeps your investments safe by making control of funds transferred to Projects. It can only be transferred to Projects by parts after Proof of Step approval. This means that Projects will not receive funds until it can prove that stage is completed. Crypto Syndicate is checking Project's metrics and transfer next part of investments in case if progress is acceptable.


Investment Protection Program

Investor can secure investments by taking part in Crypto Syndicate Insurance Program. This means that at any time during Insurance Program duration period you can get your money back by selling the lot back to Crypto Syndicate.


Additional Profit Program

Investors are receiving access to the best Crypto Syndicate's strategies. We have a possibility to manage funds on crypto market with a high degree of safety and income, what gives to Investor an opportunity to increase income.


Only Trusted Projects

To become trusted Project has to provide all data and metrics to Crypto Syndicate experts. Project data is carefully checked by Crypto Syndicate specialists. Management, marketing, finance, economy, technology and blockchain analysis of each Project are made by our experts.


CS performs project verification for investors, also deploys and uses a system of permanent.

How is works?

All Projects are verified by Crypto Syndicate experts, they undergo Due Diligence procedure and become trusted in case of a positive decision.

Investors choose Trusted Coins (TC) of Projects and pay the lot from their Crypto Syndicate platform account.

Projects get money on their Crypto Syndicate platform account and receive money every month, upon the proof of stage program.

Investors can refund their investments at any time before insurance expiration. Trusted Coins will be returned to the Project and money to the Investor (minus insurance fee).

If Project fails, Crypto Syndicate redeems Trusted Coins, according to the insurance program.

If a Project succeeds, it will receive money every month, upon the proof of stage program, if the Project's progress is acceptable.

The Investor gets the profit.